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Eco wedding planners for a natural destination wedding in France or UK

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Hi! We’re Tatiana & Michael, a small team who like to share ideas, cooperate, support one another and collaborate to plan your wedding day at its best. We contribute in your wedding day in a way we like to qualify it as "planting and growing your special day".

We are a small team who plan destination weddings in France and in UK for international couples. At Arbre & RIVIERE we offer the best alternatives for a natural and fresh experience for you and your guests while listening to your vision. 

We listen to your needs and wants, your goal and your dream, and work closely with you to create a unique experience for you and your guests. We also listen to your concerns so that we can plan for every eventuality.

After meeting to discuss your vision of your wedding, we start with the planning process engaging decision-makers when needed. Depending on the planning service options you would prefer, we then execute your event and/or any aspects of the planning that we agreed on.

We also offer our DIY services for the couples who would love to add some personalised touches to their special day.    

From assisting you in some aspects of the wedding planning to being involved in all aspects of it, there are a range of elements we can help you with. You can choose from our A La Carte, Full Planning or On the Day & All Weekend coordination services.

As a business we are committed to do the right thing by:

  • Limiting our impact on the environment - This responsibility of ours includes carefully choosing eco-friendly products for all of our office supplies, reducing paper waste and recycling as much as possible. We also avoid the use of plastics.
  • Caring - We donate to a charity that campaigns for solutions to environmental problems.

Where possible, we aim to work with vendors who share our values and in order to do so, we take the time to choose them carefully. From the venue to the stationery, we collaborate with vendors who can contribute to your wedding with natural resources as much as possible while caring about their impact on the environment.

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Based in London

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United Kingdom, Worldwide

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"We had a really good time at a friend's wedding and Tatiana assured that all went smoothly for the married couple and the guests." - Michael, London

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