We are a local Cornish-based business specialising in ethical, high-quality but affordable diamond alternative jewellery. The IQ Diamond is optically identical to the best flawless diamonds available but at a fraction of the cost and without negative humanitarian or ecological impact.

  • The Green Apple Environmental Awards - Retail Product of the Year Award GOLD Winner.
  • The Ethical Company Organisation - We are proud to have received the Ethical Award every year running from 2012, which puts KinetIQue in the top third of companies who excel in ethical consumerism, with an excellent corporate social responsibility strategy. We are listed in The Good Shopping Guide too!
  • Members of the Fair Trade Organisation
  • No greenhouse emissions, water or air pollution results from the creation of the IQ Diamond. No devastated ecosystems are associated with it, nor do we use hazardous chemicals, radiation or other environmentally dangerous substances and processes.
  • More than 250 tons of earth needs to be excavated to find just one carat of mined diamond and we believe that our small steps can make such a big difference to communities both near and far, together with our changing attitudes towards humanity.
  • Contrary to mined diamonds, the IQ Diamond is free from: Unethical mining, pollution, unethical labour, unethical business practices, extortionate prices


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