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Authentic, warm, and organic non-traditional wedding photography and films

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Hey there! We're Chris and Helen Scuffins! Rhymes with muffins! We’re natural, relaxed and eco-conscious photographers and filmmakers rooted in the lovely green Cotswolds countryside. Besides hanging out at weddings, we love to travel and explore new places; and we totally don’t mind getting our feet a bit dirty or standing in the rain for no reason…

As a passionate, creative photography and filmmaking duo, we specialise in non-traditional, authentic and heartfelt stories of weddings set in the great outdoors, whether that be a beautiful and sprawling forest or an intimate DIY back garden affair. We love nothing more than exploring the country, meeting wonderful new people and telling personal, heartfelt stories with artistic and emotional photography and cinematic films. We’re a great fit for couples who hug hard and are totally ok with getting shoes a bit dirty...

Our work is often described as warm, organic and earthy; we love using open spaces, natural light and beautiful outdoor locations, as well as making sure everything we do is always sustainable and 100% eco-friendly and ethical. We’re based in the Cotswolds, U.K but we love to travel, and regularly work all over Europe. If our work speaks to you, and you’d like us to be a part of your wedding day adventure, please get in touch!

As a keen cat-cuddlers and vegetarians for over a decade, we can honestly say running a sustainable and eco-friendly business is super important to us. Wedding photography is such a happy, positive and honest business; we want to leave good vibes wherever we get to work, and that includes leaving the planet in a better place than we found it.

We run our little business to a strict eco-policy, that includes running an efficient (and convenient) 100% paperless office, using rechargeable batteries in all of our cameras, and using FSC approved paper for all of my packaging and business cards. We also offset all carbon produced each year due to travel, mileage and heating/electricity costs in our home office. 

We only supply home made fine art prints, all made in-house in our home studio. That way we have full control over the entire process from booking to shooting to delivery, which greatly reduces the amount of shipping and and packaging we use. Plus of course, every single fine art print looks just the way we want them too. Being green is awesome for everybody! 

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Based in the Cotswolds

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United Kingdom, Worldwide

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"OMG wow! Thank you so, so much! We absolutely love the pictures, they’re beautiful. Thank you for being brilliant on the day, you guys were so chilled and all of our friends have commented on how you were just part of the day like regular guests, and that they didn’t even notice you taking photos, so they felt really at ease." - Emily + Andy


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