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I’m a Belfast boy that found his way to the South West after many homes in many countries. I now shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad. Showing you how beautiful you are is my job, and one that I’m passionate about.

Showing you how beautiful you are is my job, and one that I’m passionate about. I feel honoured to be let in to people’s lives for one very special day, and to then get the opportunity to make them smile sometimes just doesn’t seem fair.

I’m not interested in reproducing the same as everyone else, nor do I care for cheesy poses or props. I’m there to see you through my eyes and shine a (metaphorical) light on how ace you are.

The details are king. It’s not about capturing someone’s personality, we’re surely more complex than a single image. For me it’s about showing the atmosphere and emotion of the day. Those little in-between moments are what make a body of work compete, the times you can’t quite remember happening even though you remember the feeling. I see those, and I document them.

If you have a set agenda and very strict rules on how you want the day to be remembered then we probably aren’t going to get along. If however, you want to marry the love of your life and you want to share that with those closest to you… we probably will. I work best when you are relaxed and thinking more about being married rather than getting married.

My photos are honest and real, nothing pretend or staged or faddy or ridiculous or stupid. Just simple and full of love.

For those interested, and I hope that’s everyone, I run an eco business as best I can. My site is hosted by a green server, any paper that is used is made from recycled sources and then recycled again. I do cover a lot of miles in my line of work so I use biodiesel and I prefer to have Skype conversations than travel extreme lengths to meet. I shoot exclusively on digital, having used medium format film for years I saw the wastage as unnecessary once digital got to its now high standard. The albums I use are from Folio, a fantastic company producing beautiful ecologically sound books.

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"Pete…you made our day complete. You are truly amazing at what you do and you captured all the detail and moments that made our day so special. You fulfilled my every ask and ran around for us, nothing was too much trouble. You rocked out and made everything perfect. We will be forever grateful for the memories you have so amazingly captured for us to keep." - Sarah, Twig & Travis


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