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I'm Andy, I've been a full-time professional photographer since 2009. I love what I do and I am pretty good at it (from what I'm told). Weddings are just about everything for me now, all year round. I take my role very seriously to deliver the goods for you. I take myself far less seriously.

My photography combines the unobtrusive, documentary style with a nod to producing a beautiful fine-art image. An observational view allows me to produce timeless images that are richly packed with emotion and humour.

My visual style has the characteristics and nostalgic look of film photography in a digital age. I will blend effortlessly into your day, just like a guest with a camera. I stay discreet and respectful of you, your family, friends, and surroundings. You can forget I am there and enjoy your wedding to the full without having to worry about posing uncomfortably; all the time staying confident that I am creating a lasting, true record of your special point in time.

I work closely with environmentally sensitive, UK based suppliers for high-quality albums, prints and frames. Based in Dorset, I work across the UK and in Europe.

I hold the view that in a world with depleting resources, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the planet. I feel obliged to look for ways that as a business and individual, I can reduce my footprint on the environment I love; that my children will continue to live in.

Some factors to consider can be obvious whereas others require more consideration for how a photography business can be sensitive to the environment. Crucially, this must be done whilst maintaining the high quality service and product delivery my clients value.

It is important that my suppliers share this approach and it turns out that many of my clients do also. It's a positive sign that people are aware and conscious of how what we do affects others now and in the future. Here's a bit more about some of the things I am doing.


  • Share lifts whenever possible or practical
  • Use modern, fuel efficient vehicles
  • Offset carbon emmissions
  • Use electronic communications to minimise meetings, eg. Skype

Albums, Printing & Framing

  • UK sourced albums and materials
  • Papers from FSC certified and managed forests


  • High quality, well-maintained cameras and lenses
  • Power-efficient Apple computers with top environmental ratings
  • Use of renewable energy suppliers
  • Use public transport whenever possible for London wedding photography

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United Kingdom

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"Thank you so much. The photos are amazing and it was lovely to have you there as part of our day." - Laura & Jamie


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