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Sister Organics is a collection of chic dresses made in beautiful organic and eco fabrics by skilled local dressmakers. They also offer a made to measure service and make one-off dresses for special occasions.

Organic clothing is not just about traces of chemicals in clothing and next to our skin, nor just about poisoning the earth, water and eco-systems with hazardous chemicals, it is also about justice and being fair to the people who grow cotton, make cloth and our clothes. Often these are people half the world away and don’t have the freedom to choose or alternative employment opportunities. I don’t think illness, death and dire poverty are acceptable working conditions, wherever you are in the world. It is unacceptable to be ignorant to the results of our addiction to cheap clothing.

Being eco is not always easy. An ‘eco’ fabric method of manufacture may be good in one aspect and not so good in another. I buy fabrics from reputable suppliers and always consider the consequences and effect of my buying.

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