Our Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen is a mother and daughters partnership with delicious menus of home cooked food from local, seasonal ingredients. They specialise in catering under canvas in fields, meadows, barns and riverbanks!

We are a mother and daughters partnership creating delicious, bespoke menus of unpretentious, home cooked food.

We specialise in catering in fields, meadows and barns although we're equally at home in a village hall or marquee.  We use local food with low food miles (we know many of the people who grow our ingredients) and seasonal ingredients grown with organic, sustainable principles in mind (nettle quiche and wild garlic salad anyone?)  We also have a robust reduce, reuse, recycle policy (practical kindness for our planet).

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Based in Buckinghamshire

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Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London

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