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Vinati's Paper offers beautiful designs screen-printed on exquisite handmade papers from India. Each design can be custom made to your specific requirements at no extra cost. Manufacturing eco-friendly wedding stationery for over 15 years.

My objective is to make Vinati’s Paper continue to be recognised as a leading socially conscious enterprise, promoting exquisitely designed recycled and handmade paper based bespoke wedding stationery, at affordable prices.

Eco-Friendly Papers

The handmade papers I use to manufacture the stationery are primarily manufactured in villages in India. As the manufacturing process used is predominantly manual, this helps to sustain employment in these local communities.

This paper is eco-friendly as it is produced primarily by recycling waste materials such as cotton rags and waste paper. Some papers are also made from regenerating plants' bark. Other natural fibres like jute, straw, banana, husk, flower petals, silk, wool and herbs are then blended with the primary fibres for a decorative effect.

Please note that since these papers are handmade and dried naturally, each batch is slightly different and may contain some natural embellishments. This is a characteristic of the paper and not a defect.

I enjoy working with the different textures of these natural papers and feel it lends an unusual effect to wedding stationery.

I also offer a range of eco-friendly machine made paper. These are manufactured from chlorine-free pulps, and pulp from reforestation wood. These papers are 100% recyclable.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is a traditional manual technique of printmaking. The screen used is made of a piece of porous, finely woven fabric (polyester or nylon has replaced the use of silk since the 1940’s) stretched over a wood frame. This technique requires patience and time as each piece is printed individually.

Increasingly, traditional manual printing techniques like this are being abandoned in favour of faster, less labour intensive, computerised printing. We strive to make silkscreen printing a sustainable career choice for those trained in this art, along with providing you with a unique printing effect. We also use specially formulated gold and silver inks to further enhance your wedding stationery.

Fair Trade Principles

Through helping to provide a better standard of living to people in the developing world who manufacture eco-friendly wedding stationery, and by producing a high quality product in return, I believe I’m contributing to the fair trade cause and am also helping to inspire couples to consider green weddings and promote fairtrade.

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