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I’m a documentary photographer so I love capturing real life as it happens naturally around me. I’ve been shooting couples in love for six years and still get a buzz from the celebrations! When not at a wedding, you’ll find me graphic designing and illustrating.

Free range photography for couples wanting an authentic, natural and creative record of their wedding day. My documentary approach allows you the freedom to be yourselves, whilst I roam freely, quietly capturing all those surprising, spontaneous moments, the eruptions of laughter or tears from your guests and the way you looked at each other, without anyone having to tell you to smile like this or look that way.

The natural ebb and flow of your wedding continues uninterrupted and you end up with images full of true, soulful emotion. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Weddings are important, it’s true, but sometimes the pressure of that makes it all too easy to get stressed out with little things, that you’ll later decide didn’t matter at all.

I love lighthearted, relaxed and playful times – I think these create the most natural photos. There is a massive amount of beauty in imperfection, and fussy, tight styling is not my thing.

With art school training and a background in design, I’m always looking out for the novel, beautiful, and unexpected composition that will produce a really fascinating image, worthy of fine art status.

The environment is our life support system – we can’t survive unless it’s healthy! That’s why I think businesses should take responsibility for their impact on the natural environment. I want to keep my business and life as sustainable as possible and reduce energy consumption wherever I can.

I have created an eco policy and this is my promise to you, to ensure your wedding is kind to the environment. It includes important efforts such as using British suppliers, being a member of a car share scheme and hosting my website on a carbon neutral server. You can read the full policy on my website: www.photography.hannahbeatrice.co.uk/eco-policy. And if you can think of another way to improve things, I am all ears!

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"Our pictures reflect the real atmosphere of the day and we love them. I am so glad you were our photographer, you really were ideal for us. Nothing was staged and the beauty of the day's events was so well captured." - Steph & Bennie, Shetland


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