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We are a small, family-owned (also woman owned) zero-waste company. We support other small 'green' businesses and we strive to offer truly exceptional service. Our gowns are created exclusively from sustainable materials, sewn completely in the USA by local artists.

Conscious Elegance creates fun to wear, earth-friendly, people-friendly dresses for brides everywhere. Our 'People-friendly' ethics mean more than sustainable wedding dresses: we strongly believe that every person has the right to marry their Beloved.

Our brides not only love their gowns, they love that they are supporting an independent small business that collaborates fairly with local artists. Conscious Elegance is the result of real people living their Dream! Our eco-friendly green wedding dresses are sweatshop-free and made exclusively from sustainable materials.

We've been completely green since our beginnings in 2006. And we've come up with ingenious ways to cater to brides who aren't local to the US - just ask! It's easier than you might think. Each of our designs features a lace-up bodice that's not only gorgeous, but gives a fit that's adjustable and oh so comfortable; there's no worry about gaining or losing an inch here or there before the event. Your dress can be perfect for you, whatever you you happen to be on the Big Day. And the adjustable lacing panel also makes it easy to wear the dress again later if you want to, without the need for new alterations.

Our eco chic wedding gowns are created exclusively from sustainable materials such as hemp, vintage fabrics, reclaimed silk, and certified organic cotton. Our company strives for zero-waste and our dress prices reflect a fair living wage.

  • We use fairly-traded tagua nut buttons, which allow craftsmen to support their families without resorting to harmful farming practices.
  • We reclaim our boning and zips from vintage dresses.
  • We use 100% post-consumer recycled office paper and shipping materials.
  • 3rd-party certified by Green America since 2010!

We offer service in £ through direct bank transfers and save you currency exchange fees. And no VAT! 

Conscious Elegance is committed to serving brides of all types; see our Ethical Pledge We believe that every person has the right to marry their Beloved. We've put great effort into creating Safe Space and all will be welcomed warmly and respected. That's a promise right up front.

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""I was in love with this dress from the minute I put it on. Even on a 90 degree evening, I felt completely comfortable and beautiful. The organic materials were so soft, it was like wearing my favorite pajamas! You did a fantastic job of getting the dress to fit me perfectly, and unlike most traditional dresses, I was actually able to breathe in this one. Everything about this dress was perfection!"" - Melissa H


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